We build more than just mines. We also build opportunities - for our people, for local communities, for suppliers and for host governments.

Building Opportunities


The benefits of our mining projects go far beyond the value of the metals we produce. Our projects create a series of direct, indirect and induced impacts that benefit local communities and national economies. This ripple effect of economic activity multiplies as it moves outwards from our mining projects.

Mining Creates Employment

Our mining projects create significant job opportunities for local communities. Direct jobs are created working for the mine itself and indirect jobs are created throughout the industry supply chain. Jobs in the wider economy are created as demand for local services, such as shops, restaurants, sport centres, schools and hospitals, increases. It is estimated that for every one direct mining employee, three to five people may be employed indirectly elsewhere in the economy. (1)

Mining Generates Revenues

Our mines can be a significant source of income for employees and for governments. Our projects generate revenues in the form of wages, income taxes (personal and corporate), royalties and exports. Recent studies suggest that in industrialized economies $1 of economic activity in the mining sector can generate $3 or more of economic activity elsewhere. (1)

Mining Builds Communities

The infrastructure we build for new mining projects, such as power, water, and road development, has also benefited local communities, particularly in more remote regions. Water wells have been used for agricultural activities in Greece and road development has improved transportation between villages near our Jinfeng mine in China. In more developed areas, our projects have made direct contributions to the well-being of communities through donations to health centres, sports facilities, university funding and other educational initiatives.

(1) ICMM Report: The Role of Mining in National Economies 2nd Edition (Published: October 2014)

Economic Impacts of a Mining Project