Materiality Assessment

We use our Sustainability Report to provide direct communication to our stakeholders about the issues that matter most to them. In 2014, we conducted a materiality assessment in collaboration with a third party to help us determine the sustainability issues that are important to our employees, peers and partners.

The materiality assessment consisted of three key parts:

A review of internal documentation on stakeholder engagement, risk assessments and Sustainability Committee agenda items, and external documentation such as peer reports, industry standards and corporate responsibility guidance. Feedback from key external stakeholders who have shown an interest in our sustainability reporting and performance in the past was also considered.

A survey that was sent to a wide range of employees in relevant positions across the organization.

Interviews with Eldorado’s sustainability team.

The matrix below shows the top issues identified in the assessment, ranked from low importance to high importance, to our various stakeholder groups and Eldorado. This Report focuses on material issues that were ranked highly.

We also welcome the opportunity to receive further feedback on our materiality process and identified material issues. Please refer to the contact information at the end of this Report to send us comments.