Governance and Transparency

Central to Eldorado’s record as a trusted operator is a commitment to ethical business practices and high standards of corporate governance. We recognize the importance of having an integrated approach to managing our operations, risks and relationships.

Board of Directors

Governance at Eldorado is headed by our Board. The Board provides senior management with independent, objective advice while promoting a culture of integrity. Together, the Board works with senior management to set long-term goals, develop strategy and monitor Eldorado’s progress toward achieving its goals. The Board also regularly evaluates our principal business risks and monitors the effectiveness of our risk management process.

Our Board is composed of the following committees: Audit, Compensation, Corporate Governance and Nominating, and Sustainability. For more information on the mandate, responsibilities and expectations of our Board, its directors and its committees, visit:

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee oversees our policies, programs and practices in the areas of environment, health, safety, community relations and security. The Committee seeks to ensure that Eldorado consistently promotes ethical, transparent and responsible behaviour and meaningfully engages its stakeholders and communities.

Governance Policies

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy reinforce our standards and values and outline our expectation that our employees and suppliers will operate in accordance with the highest standards of legal and ethical behaviour. We also outline our commitments to protecting the environment and the safety of our people and neighbours in our Environmental and Health and Safety Policies. For more information, visit:

Corporate Disclosure and Transparency

Our governance systems are designed to consistently evaluate and effectively manage our risks, which, in turn, help us to stay focused on our long-term planning, decision-making and communication. We believe that clear, comprehensive disclosure and open communication with our stakeholders will continue to encourage confidence in our business practices.

“Across our operations, we invest in developing our leadership, policies, systems and engagement practices to allow us to meet stakeholder expectations and create lasting value.”

Dawn Moss, EVP Administration