Health and Safety

Our mines operate in accordance with the highest safety standards in our industry. This means we often go beyond a jurisdiction’s regulatory requirements to meet higher international standards, raising the baseline of health and safety practices in the locations where we operate.

Providing a healthy and safe work environment for our employees is our top priority. Health programs at our sites provide basic medical treatments and services for employees, contractors and community members, including immunizations and medical checkups. Although these essential services are in place at all of our sites, we also adapt our programs to respond to site-specific needs.

Each of our sites also observes stringent safety measures to prevent occupational diseases, and we had no occupational diseases at any of our sites in 2014.

We aim to meet world-class occupational standards wherever we operate. Our Efemçukuru mine and our Stratoni, Olympias and Skouries sites are OHSAS 18001 certified, an internationally accepted framework that defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and operating an occupational health and safety management system. Although they have not gone through the certification process, our other sites have used this framework when developing and implementing their safety management programs.

Safety Performance

Kişladağ 0.79 1.59
Efemçukuru 2.53 2.05
Jinfeng 2.06 1.13
Tanjianshan 1.10 0.00
White Mountain 0.75 0.44
Eastern Dragon 0.00 0.00
Stratoni 3.49 4.54
Olympias 4.59 2.23
Skouries 5.60 2.85
Perama Hill 0.00 0.00
Vila Nova 1.05 1.18
Tocantinzinho 4.69 0.00
Certej 0.00 0.00

At our Chinese mines,

clinics offer both Western and traditional Chinese medicine

and, wherever possible, employees may choose between the two when seeking treatment.

We have

reduced our LTIFR by 22%

compared to 2013.

Emergency Response

Each of our operations has an emergency response program. Our employees receive ongoing safety training specific to their roles, ensuring that they are able to identify potential hazards and can complete their jobs safely. An emergency response team at each site is made up of employees who have received additional training in emergency protocols, procedures and equipment. These teams maintain close working relationships with community-based emergency responders.

“We take a no-nonsense approach to health and safety. Safety is a core value at Eldorado and is fully ingrained in the way we do business.”

Doug Jones, Senior VP Operations

Kişladağ 22
Efemçukuru 48
Jinfeng 40
Tanjianshan 18
White Mountain 40
Stratoni 26
Olympias 13
Vila Nova 54

CASE STUDY: Efemçukuru emergency response team

Efemçukuru’s Mine Rescue Team was established in September 2011. Volunteer employees initially received training on rescue equipment and in early 2012 began completing extensive mock scenario rescues, which continue on a regular basis. The team focuses on developing skills in underground and surface firefighting and rescue, vehicle accident response, industrial firefighting, underground emergency training, underground rescue, rope rescues and hazardous substance response. A minimum number of rescue team members are always on site 24/7, ready to respond in case of emergency. The team has also helped local communities, particularly in firefighting, and has responded to emergencies at other mining operations.

Efemçukuru’s Mine Rescue Team works closely with the Hellas Gold mine rescue captain to share knowledge between operations.