Our People

Our people come first; they are our most important resource. Our employees take pride in a culture that demands – and rewards – collaboration, integrity and hard work.

Eldorado has over 7,200 employees and contractors in eight countries. Wherever possible, we hire locally, and we provide all our employees with ongoing opportunities for career and skills development. Our operating philosophy of employing nationals in the countries where we operate enables us to communicate in local languages and better understand cultural nuances, community concerns and local issues. This is why we refer to ourselves as a global company with a local operating philosophy.

We believe in training nationals for senior roles and we now have Turkish, Greek, Brazilian, Chinese and Romanian management teams working in their respective home countries. At a project and operational level, fewer than 1% of our employees are expats.

We also believe in equal opportunities and base our hiring practices on skills and experience. Male and female employees are paid equally for equivalent jobs. We strive to provide our employees with rewarding jobs, excellent benefits and safe and healthy working environments.

“Our ability to operate successfully in a variety of jurisdictions is largely due to the diversity of our employees. It is their skills, ideas and passion that are at the heart of this company.”

Paul Wright, CEO

Eldorado has over


employees and contractors in eight countries.

Employees and Contractors at December 31, 2014

Kişladağ 711 40 356 1,107
Efemçukuru 398 21 323 742
Turkey – Other 44 17 0 61
Jinfeng 750 80 375 1,205
Tanjianshan 349 69 208 626
White Mountain 535 79 332 946
Eastern Dragon 24 4 0 28
China – Other 39 24 0 63
Stratoni 308 9 108 425
Olympias 399 13 184 596
Skouries 74 17 597 688
Perama Hill 19 5 1 37
Greece – Other 131 61 65 257
Vila Nova 140 10 25 175
Tocantinzinho 5 0 39 44
Brazil – Other 16 7 7 30
Certej 152 27 24 203
Canada 27 17 2 46
Netherlands 3 2 0 5
Barbados 1 2 0 3
TOTAL 4,125 504 2,646 7,287
Kişladağ 72
Efemçukuru 66
Jinfeng 100
Tanjianshan 99
White Mountain 99
Stratoni 82
Olympias 78
Vila Nova 100

“The communities we operate in are concerned about employment, and we take pride in offering employment and training opportunities to local community members.”

Norm Pitcher, President

Human Rights Approach

We are committed to protecting human rights in all areas of our business operations and are guided by the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. We respect the rights of employees, contractors, workers in our supply chain, local community members and others who may be affected by our business activities. We expect our business partners, including contractors and suppliers, to share this commitment to human rights, including those in regard to working conditions, freedom of association, maximum working hours, minimum wages, equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination and intimidation. We also support the elimination of all forms of child, forced and compulsory labour. To improve the transparency of this commitment, we began the process of formalizing a corporate human rights policy in 2014. We expect to finalize, roll out to our sites and publish the policy on our corporate website in 2015.

Employee Turnover

Kişladağ 8.3 3.5
Efemçukuru 2.1 2.4
Jinfeng 2.7 7.0
Tanjianshan 8.9 12.7
White Mountain 3.9 2.4
Stratoni 9.1 7.6
Olympias 11.7 4.4
Vila Nova* 118.7 86.0

* The large percent of employees hired at Vila Nova reflects the process of converting contractors to employees. The turnover rate at Vila Nova is high because the operation was put on care and maintenance status at the end of 2014.