Stakeholder Engagement

Building and maintaining long-lasting stakeholder relationships is at the core of how we do business.

Over the past 20 years, we have built mutually beneficial partnerships with local communities that last throughout the entire life cycle of our operations. Through ongoing collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders, we aim to build credibility with local communities and all levels of government by listening and responding to their concerns.

Our core group of stakeholders includes employees, contractors, suppliers, investors, local community members, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and industry groups. Each stakeholder group has unique expectations, and we therefore engage with each group in ways designed to best meet their needs.

How We Interact With Our Stakeholders


Corporate, regional and site personnel engagement

Employee newsletters and social media

Workplace health and safety committees


Perception studies

Annual shareholder meetings

Quarterly webcasts to discuss results

Frequent meetings with investors


Ongoing communication and dialogue with government officials at the municipal, regional and national levels


Ongoing communication and dialogue between representatives

Performance reviews

Industry Associations

Membership in industry associations such as the MAC; we also participate in the Association’s International Sustainability Committee


Establishment of independent environmental committees at a number of our sites, including representatives from NGOs


Ongoing community engagement activities, including collaborative community projects

Neighbourhood meetings

Site tours for local residents and students

Regional newsletters and social media