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Our people drive our ability to lead in our industry. We recognize that without a diverse workforce, companies narrow their vision and cannot connect with a wider Customer base.

As an equal opportunity employer committed to promoting diversity at all levels, Signet unleashes the unique abilities and ideas of our people that are key to helping all of our Customers “Celebrate Life. Express Love.®” We believe that diversity is a business strategy, not just a people priority. We are proud of our employment and advancement programs, which help our Team Members advance within the company, allowing us to retain hardworking and dedicated people.

42% Women in senior management (VP and above) positions

50% Signet Board Members are women*

70% of store leadership (assistant store manager and above) are women

*as of March 2018.

Gender Diversity

Vice President and above Signet globally:

  • 58% Male
  • 42% Female

Diversity Leadership Team

Our Diversity Leadership Team (DLT) is comprised of Field Operations and Support Center Team Members from across all functional areas and at all levels of responsibility. Today, over 1,200 Team Members have been a part of this program. The DLT champions the most effective and inclusive practices that foster high performance, engagement and innovation.

Here's where you come in

Respect and Diversity

A new Respect and Diversity booklet gives our UK Team Members a greater understanding of the benefits of diversity in our Company.

Team member age distribution in North America: 18-29 - 40.1%, 30-39 - 21.2%, 40-49 - 14.7%, 50-59 - 15.1%, 60-64 - 5.2%, > 65 - 3.7%

Diversity Leadership Team Mission

  • Seeks out opportunities where Signet’s commitment to inclusion and diversity can be brought to the forefront throughout our workforce and marketplace

  • Identifies and proposes strategic, inclusive, and value added corporate initiatives

  • Defines metrics (quantitative and qualitative) needed to measure the organization’s level of inclusiveness and evaluate the effectiveness of DLT proposals

  • Proposes components of an inclusive and culturally diverse environment that supports and encourages all Team Members

  • Promotes open lines of communication and cultural competence at all levels within the organization