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Environmental Stewardship


Environmentally responsible business practices are an important part of Signet’s overall mission. We recognize the strong connection between efficient use of natural resources and business efficiency.

Efficiency, whether in energy, water or operations, is the hallmark of a well-run company. We are constantly working to incorporate best practices as part of our commitment to environmental stewardship – from our offices and retail stores to the expectations of our suppliers.

Our Goals

We have set ambitious, 5-year goals in three key areas:
  1. 50% electricity use reduction by FY24*

    *baseline FY14

  2. 12% reduction in water use by FY24*

  3. 25% reduction in business travel emissions by FY24*

2017 Environmental Stewardship Highlights

Water: 7% reduction in water use* since FY13

* per full time equivalent

Waste & Recycling: NEARLY 50% of all waste recycled in our Support Centers in FY17

Carbon Footprint: 22% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions* vs FY14

*Scope 1 & 2

Energy: 2% reduction in absolute energy use versus FY16

By replacing the previous lighting system in an Akron Service Center building with LEDs, the Company will save more than half a million dollars in energy costs over ten years. Moreover, the reduction in CO₂ is the equivalent of removing 300 cars from the road for a year.

We reduced our water footprint in Botswana. Signet has operations in various regions around the world. When we operate in places that are water-stressed, such as Botswana, we pay particular attention to our use of this precious natural resource. We are therefore proud to report that our use of water-saving technologies decreased water use by 27% since 2015.

3.2 million pounds of paper saved by reducing paper for Customer catalog production