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Looking Forward

As we kick off our Path to Brilliance – our three-year transformation plan to help Signet become the world’s largest, most trusted, and most Customer-focused jeweler – we will ensure that our commitment to operational integrity and to our communities matches the exciting plans we have put in place for our business performance and our culture. We will continue to advance our three strategic priorities of Customer First, OmniChannel and a Culture of Agility and Efficiency under our transformation, and we know that our corporate social responsibility efforts will be critical to achieving our ambitions in each of these areas.

Our Mission and our business rely on the integrity of our products and our people. At Signet, we believe that visibly leading in the area of corporate social responsibility is essential for both our Company’s success and the success of the industry as a whole. Our Customers want transparency and trust. They respect integrity. They care about the story behind what they purchase. We are committed to working with suppliers, partners, governments, trade associations and civil society to offer the perfect product that meets the highest possible level of care, service and responsibility.

In 2018, we are continuing to lead efforts and set examples of uncompromising continuous improvement in the integrity of the global jewelry supply chain with a focus on our people and culture, our environmental impact, and our role in the communities where we live and work.

We look forward to ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders as we continue on our CSR journey.

For more CSR information, please visit our website, where you will find our policies and further details of our local, national and global partnerships.

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