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Message from the CEO

Signet is 100% engaged and committed to Leadership - with a capital ‘L’ - in addressing the social, ethical and environmental issues that affect our Team Members, Customers and our industry, as well as the world in which we live.” Virginia C. Drosos, Signet Jewelers Chief Executive Officer Read Letter

About this Report

Signet Jewelers Corporate Social Responsibility Report January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

Signet’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report presents performance information for our businesses in North America and the United Kingdom, excluding data from our newly acquired business R2Net, which owns and operates (unless otherwise noted).

The Report details our goals and highlights for the calendar year 2017 (unless otherwise noted), with additional quantitative and qualitative material from previous years. We remain committed to reporting in a manner that is informed by international frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Retail Industry Leadership Association (RILA) Retail Sustainability Management Maturity Model. Our report is prepared in reference to the GRI G4 Guidelines.


Looking Forward

Our Mission and our business rely on the integrity of our products and our people. At Signet, we believe that visibly leading in the area of corporate social responsibility is essential for both our Company’s success and the success of the industry as a whole.

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