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Responsible Sourcing

Industry Collaborations: Ensuring Responsible Supply Chains

Signet is a Founding and Certified Member of the RJC

Ensuring the integrity of the supply chain is a concern that affects the entire jewelry industry. Signet believes it is often best to address the challenges through dedicated industry organizations and by working collaboratively with partners, governments, trade associations, civil society and our suppliers. At Signet, we understand that due to the complexity of our supply chain, maximizing transparency is essential. To improve transparency, we focus on ensuring the integrity of our suppliers as well as the integrity of the raw materials we purchase.

Signet is a Founding and Certified Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), which offers suppliers an internationally recognized standard to audit and certify their sourcing practices. The RJC certification also serves as a third party validation that suppliers are implementing Signet’s SRSPs.

Currently more than 94% of Signet jewelry is sourced from RJC Members.

The forthcoming revisions to the RJC’s Code of Practices further support Signet’s own policies through the inclusion of silver and colored gemstones, improved rigor around Provenance Claims (i.e., an assurance of the source of a material) and inclusion of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas as a mandatory element.

In 2017, not only did Signet receive its own re-certification as an RJC Member, we also implemented a new policy requiring ALL of our suppliers to become Certified RJC Members over time. In addition, Signet’s Vendor Buying Agreement requires suppliers to disclose whether their RJC certification covers the entirety of that supplier’s operations - including all international subsidiaries that deliver merchandise to Signet.

Signet Supplier RJC Membership Total and as Percentage of Net Payables

Some of Our Partners

Signet is an active participant and contributor to the jewelry industry and other international organizations

  • Responsible Jewellery Council
  • OECD
  • World Diamond Council
  • Diamond Empowerment Fund
  • Jewelers of America
  • JVC
  • U.S. Jewelry Council
  • DMCC
  • Resonsible Minerals Initiative
  • LBMA
  • World Jewellry Confederation
Signet has a dedicated website for suppliers that provides them with easy access to Signet and RJC responsible sourcing information, requirements and more.

Support For The Industry

As part of Signet’s industry leadership, we continue to provide support for the education and progress of responsible sourcing issues. In 2017 this included:

  • 7 webinars for suppliers and the industry
  • Events on Responsible Sourcing in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Mumbai, New York, and Tucson