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Environmental Stewardship

Our Environmental Impact: By the Numbers

The following tables present data for the entirety of Signet Group operations* unless otherwise indicated. Data is collected and collated on an annual basis based on Signet’s fiscal year, February 1 – January 31. Where complete data is not available, conservative estimates based on geography, store size and like-for-like comparisons have been used.

*excludes R2Net


As part of our ongoing efficiency efforts, Signet reduced global absolute energy consumption by 2% in FY17 versus the previous year. Since FY14, absolute global energy consumption has fallen by nearly 11%.


In addition to a global absolute fall in business travel emissions by 13%, group business travel emissions per full time equivalent (FTE) Team Members also fell by 15% in FY17.

Signet has reduced our electricity use by 26% per square foot since FY14

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In FY17, Signet continued to reduce its Greenhouse Gas Emissions with an absolute reduction of 5.3%* vs FY16

*Tonnes of CO2 Equivalent


Global water consumption per FTE has fallen by nearly 7% since FY13.

Water use per employee (liters/FTE)


Akron and Dallas Support Centers produced 1,075 tons of waste in FY2017, with approximately half being recycled.

Signet CEO Virginia C. Drosos along with Customers, Team Members and local and state government officials, opened Signet’s expanded and renovated headquarters building. The four-story 86,000 square foot Support Center newly renovated building incorporates numerous green building attributes, including all LED lighting with occupancy sensors, window glass that reduces sun glare, as well as heat loss, high- efficiency HVAC, plus a live green terrace.