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Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing Research and Rankings

Our Customers expect our products to be responsibly sourced.1

  • Protection of human rights and fair labor practices [ 39% ]
  • Ethical business practices [ 39% ]
  • Conflict-free minerals/diamonds [ 32% ]
  • Low environmental impact of materials mining (i.e., diamonds, gold, etc.) [ 31% ]
  • Fair wages [ 28% ]
  • Ethical hiring and employment practices [ 27% ]
  • Protecting climate change [ 15% ]
  • Local community involvement [ 14% ]
  • Charitable giving to causes I believe in [ 11% ]
  • Low environmental impact of stores [ 9% ]
  • Support of underprivileged communities [ 8% ]
  • Visible social activism [ 5% ]
  • None of these are important to me when choosing a fine jewelry retailer [ 10% ]

1 Survey Question: Select the TOP 3 factors that are most important to you when choosing a fine jewelry retailer from where to shop

Demand the Supply
Courtesy of The Enough Project

We are proud that Signet ranked #1 in jewelry retail and 6th overall.

In 2017, Signet was recognized by The Enough Project for its responsible sourcing practices. The new rankings report, produced by the not-for-profit organization, focused on ending conflicts in Africa. The report examines 20 of the world’s largest consumer electronics and jewelry retail organizations on their efforts to support a conflict-free minerals trade and ensure their products aren’t linked to a range of abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Signet was ranked as the #1 Company most praised by NGOs and environmental and social responsibility activists in the first quarter of 2018

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Courtesy of SIGWATCH, an unaffiliated NGO tracking company based in the United Kingdom