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Signet at a Glance

Signet Around the World

  • CANADA: 147 Stores 821 Team Members
  • US: 2,905 Stores 20,467 Team Members
  • UK & IRELAND: 504 Stores 3,272 Team Members
  • INDIA: 125 Team Members
  • BOTSWANA: 127 Team Members
  • Israel: 76 Team Members
James Allen

In August 2017, Signet acquired R2Net, which owns and operates, a fast-growing online jewelry retailer and Segoma Imaging Technologies, who provide R2Net machines to enable delivery of next-generation digital shopping experience for jewelry. Approximately 500 Team Members were added in New York, Maryland and Israel.

A Snapshot of Signet

Signet Selected Consolidated Financial Data can be found on page 36 of our Annual Report on Form 10-K 1

Sales $6,253 Million
Operating Income $579.9 Million
Net Income $519.3 Million
Earnings per Common Share* $7.44 * diluted
Capital Additions $237.4 Million
Total Team Members 24,8882
Total Stores 3,556

1 Signet financial data covers our fiscal year 2018 (January 29, 2017 - February 3, 2018). For more information please visit

2 Average number of Full Time Equivalent persons employed in FY18