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The health and financial wellness of our Team Members is a cornerstone of Signet’s Total Rewards philosophy.

In partnership with our health, financial and wellness vendors, Signet designs programs that support Team Members and their families at every stage of their life, with emphasis on multicultural needs.

Signet has developed Company-wide strategies to support the physical, mental, social, environmental, and financial wellness of our Team Members at work and at home. We accomplish this through a variety of on-site and online educational and activity-based programs. We offer services aimed at prevention, health management, and optimal engagement with emphasis on specific multicultural needs.

On-Site Fitness Centers

We offer on-site fitness centers, called SigFIT, at our Dallas and Akron Support Centers and manufacturing facilities. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the centers offer group fitness classes, such as Barre, boxing, TRX, and yoga.

The On The Move Challenge

The On The Move Challenge, in partnership with the Wellness Council of America, continues to be a key Signet wellness initiative. This program is designed to encourage Team Members across the globe to set wellness goals, track their movement and share their successes through an online social support system. Exercise expert and motivational speaker Sean Foy helped kick-off the 2017 challenge with visits to the Dallas and Akron Support Centers. Team Members were invited to attend a seminar led by Sean called “What’s Your Why? The Power of Purpose.” As part of the challenge, On The Move Leaders handed out “You Were Caught On The Move” cards to over 3,500 Team Members who were spotted participating in a wellness Lunch & Learn session, working out in the SigFIT Fitness Facility or taking a “walk break.”

It’s Your Life

Signet’s It’s Your Life webinar series is designed to give Team Members access to monthly health and financial wellness webinars. Signet also looks out for Team Members by sending helpful tips by email, such as how to protect themselves from identity theft, phishing attacks and avoid other risky online behaviors as they shop online. It’s another way Signet creates an environment designed to help our Team Members succeed in multiple aspects of their lives.

Health and Wellness at Signet’s New Dallas Campus

In 2017 Signet Manufacturing Dallas moved to its new location at Cypress Waters. Our Dallas Support Center moved in early 2018. With this relocation, the Dallas wellness strategy also evolved.

New Health and Wellness opportunities include:

  • Healthier food choices
  • Access to the Cypress Waters fitness center wellness programs including:
    • Camp Gladiator classes
    • Yoga
    • Weight Watchers meetings
    • Meditation classes
    • Biggest Loser contest
    • Health/wellness lunch & learns
  • Access to a five-mile trail around the lake

UK Wellness Hub

In 2017, UK-based Team Members got a brand new intranet-based Wellness Hub focused around four key pillars: Health, Happiness, Habitat at Work and Home. The site brings together resources and information to help our Team Members live healthy and rewarding lifestyles at home and at work. The site is full of practical and useful tools, and features regular articles on topical physical, social, mental and financial wellness issues – from winter fuel to fun in the sun and everything in between.

Smoking Cessation Support

Your Life Smokeless is a tobacco cessation program available to all North America Team Members at no cost. This 12-month program has a cessation rate of 46%, far above the national average of 6%. The program succeeds by teaching the necessary skills to achieve permanent abstinence from all forms of tobacco.